How to Decide When to Start Taking Social Security

Learn about an important and often over-looked aspect of successful retirement planning, that of deciding when to start taking social security benefits.

Retirement Planning Versus Financial Planning

What’s the difference between financial and retirement planning? Generally, retirement planning is a subset of the more comprehensive financial planning.

What is a Traditional 401(k)?

A Traditional 401(k) is one of several types of employer-sponsored retirement savings plans in the category of “defined contribution plans”.

What is a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account which varies in a number of ways from the Traditional IRA. The principle difference is two-fold.

What is a Traditional IRA?

A Traditional IRA is one of several types of IRA’s, or Individual Retirement Accounts. The financial planning process will reveal if and when it is advantageous to use a Traditional IRA.

Stops Along the Way in Life

We make our best effort when we sit with a client to consider the different events that arise in the future when we are putting together a financial plan.

Start with the End in Mind Planning

A wise approach to take when financial planning is to start with the end in mind,- financial and retirement goals, health and lifestyle goals, family goals.