What is a Fee Only Financial Advisor?

A Fee-only Financial Advisor is compensated differently than a traditional stock broker, or some financial advisors who don’t use a “fee-only” method of billing.

The Risk of Not Having a Financial Advisor

Learn about the risks some face when they forego a relationship with a qualified financial advisor.

The Role of a Financial Advisor

The role of a financial advisor is to sort through the world’s financial news, geopolitical news and market activity and to distill it down to what’s most relevant to you. Because the advisor is familiar with your personal and professional goals and financial situation, he is able to provide customized and actionable advice to have a positive impact on your life.

The Most Common Investment Mistakes

In today’s video we discuss some of the common investment mistakes made by novice investors and how having a financial advisor would have helped to mitigate these mistakes.

The Benefits of Having a Financial Advisor

In today’s video we discuss the benefits of having a financial advisor, namely, the peace of mind that comes from having gone from a state of confusion and uncertainty to one of clarity and organization.

The Advantages of Having an Investment Advisor

An investment advisor works daily to study the news and intricacies of the global economy and markets and, as such, is well-suited to manage the investment portfolios of others.

Services Provided by a Financial Advisor

Most people are aware that a financial advisor provides the two services of financial planning and investment portfolio management (investment advisory). However, included in the advisory relationship are a number of additional services important to the financial health of the individual and family.

Retirement Planning Versus Financial Planning

What’s the difference between financial and retirement planning? Generally, retirement planning is a subset of the more comprehensive financial planning.

Mistakes Made Without a Financial Advisor

The two biggest mistakes a person makes when they aren’t receiving advice from a financial advisor are related to the timing and choice of an action.

Mistakes Avoided With Good Financial Planning

There are many mistakes that can be avoided with good financial planning, most of them related to one of two things,—choices and timing.