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Do You Know Where All Your Money Is?

You probably think you know where all of your money is. Most people do. But there are $35 billion of unclaimed property being held by state treasuries at the moment (1), nearly $8 billion of which is in California (2). Could some of it be yours?

The Role of a Financial Advisor

The role of a financial advisor is to sort through the world’s financial news, geopolitical news and market activity and to distill it down to what’s most relevant to you. Because the advisor is familiar with your personal and professional goals and financial situation, he is able to provide customized and actionable advice to have a positive impact on your life.

Services Provided by a Financial Advisor

Most people are aware that a financial advisor provides the two services of financial planning and investment portfolio management (investment advisory). However, included in the advisory relationship are a number of additional services important to the financial health of the individual and family.