Our Three-Step Process for New Clients

We have a simple, three-step process that we follow to bring on new clients. It is a free, no obligation consultation.

Step 1: Gathering of Information

During the first part of our consultation we’ll discuss a broad range of your financial and personal information, starting from the very broad and moving toward the specific. In order to provide the best solution for you and your family, I need to know a great deal about you. This may include:

Financial Planning, Financial Advisor, Retirement Planning, Carlsbad, San DiegoYour Family Ecology
  • Are you married?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you have living parents?
  • Who are you responsible for?
  • Who are you responsible to?
  • What is your state of health and that of your family?
Your Professional Life
  • What is your current profession?
  • What is your current income?
  • What professional or career changes you might desire in the future?
  • When do you hope to retire?
 Your Financial Ecology
  • What do you own?
  • What do you owe?
  • What and where are your current investments?
  • How much do you save or plan to save?
  • What is your inheritance situation?
Start wit the End in Mind Planning

In addition to the above, I will ask you questions about where your headed in life, what you see and desire for you and your family over the coming five, ten, twenty years or more. We call this Start with the End in Mind Planning, the methodolgy we use to create a financial plan that supports your goals in life.

Step 2: I Share What I Can Do for You

In the second part of our consultation, if I feel that we can be of service to you, I will share with you the basics of the planning, strategies and investment tactics I feel are best for your situation.

I will share whether or not I believe that your investments, debt and insurance today are in support of your goals as we’ve discussed them.

In some cases, I might recommend changes in areas that would be handled by other professionals. For example, you might need to see an estate planner or speak with your tax advisor to accomplish certain objectives.

It will become clear to both of us by the end of our conversation if there is a “good fit”; if there are benefits I can provide as a financial advisor to you and that you feel I can help you reach your goals.

Step 3: You Decide to Engage Our Services

If  you decide to engage our services, we then begin to work together. This starts with the co-development of a comprehensive financial plan, followed by the strategies and tactics to carry out that plan. We begin with the organization of investment assets and begin to take the actions necessary to accomplish your goals.

Do You Have Important


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Todd Frank, President & CEO, Frank Financial Advisors in San DiegoTodd E. Frank, CPA/PFS, MBA is the President and CEO of Frank Financial Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA) serving clients nationwide from our headquarters in Carlsbad, San Diego, California. As an RIA, Frank Financial Advisors is able to offer truly independent, fee-only financial advisory services.