Custom Tailored Solutions

Financial Advisor creating Financial PlanWhat is “Custom Tailored”?

A custom tailored solution is designed in support of the underlying financial plan and the strategic goals that follow from the plan. We can implement an investment strategy using investments that  are liquid, meaning they can be sold in the current day or the next day.

As a contrast, someone could find themselves holding investments that lack liquidity, meaning there isn’t a ready market to liquidate that investment quickly, if at all. Or, someone could be offering investments that are experimental in some way.

Ideally, you want something designed specifically for you using investments that are known and readily accepted in the marketplace. There are events in life that can’t be anticipated and a good plan and investment strategy takes this into account.

Investments that aren’t Tried and True

People can get into trouble with investments that are not regulated, or are not held by a good custodian. Instead, it could be money that is simply sent away and the investor receives a letter every three months saying things are okay. We often see in the news people falling victim to these types of investments. It simply isn’t necessary.

Investment goals can be achieved— broad diversification, liquidity, visibility, compatibility with one’s financial plan, etc., using a customized solution with tried and true investments. And there is added piece of mind in that.

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