How a Financial Advisor Can Help with Tax Planning

Though your financial advisor is likely not your tax preparer, he is likely in a better position to understand your comprehensive financial and tax situation.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help with Inheritance Planning

A financial advisor, especially a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), can provide exceptional value to those either leaving or receiving an inheritance.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help with Estate Planning

A financial advisor who is also a CPA is in a unique position to assist clients with estate planning. Though not an estate attorney, the advisor has intimate knowledge of the client’s financial situation, personal and family goals, investment portfolio, cash flow needs and more.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help Business Owners

As a CPA/PFS, MBA, and business owner himself, Todd Frank is uniquely qualified to advise business owners of any size of business.

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The Risks and Disadvantages of Large Brokerage Firms

Knowing the risks and disadvantages of large brokerage firms is critical for those seeking truly independent and unbiased investment advice and financial planning.

Fee-Only Financial Advisor, Fee-Only Financial Planner, Fee-Only Investment Advisor

The Advantages of a Fee-Only Financial Advisor

We’ve all come to shudder, at least a little, when we hear the phrase, “stock broker”. It’s not unlike our reaction to hearing “used car salesman”. How did this come about?

Why RIAs make the Best Financial Advisors

The most independent, unbiased financial advisors are found at independent Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIAs) offering comprehensive financial planning.

How to Find a Financial Advisor?

There are around one million people in the U.S. alone referring to themselves as either a financial advisor or financial planner, and they vary greatly in qualifications and experience from one to the next. How do you find the one most suitable to you and your needs?

Stops Along the Way in Life

We make our best effort when we sit with a client to consider the different events that arise in the future when we are putting together a financial plan.

It’s Your Life, Not the Advisor’s

A good relationship between a client and Financial Advisor is based on trust and a certain amount of intimate knowledge of what’s going on in the client’s life.