The Contents of a Professionally-Created Financial Plan

The output of the financial planning process is called a comprehensive financial plan and will vary from person to person depending on a number of factors.

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The Risks and Disadvantages of Large Brokerage Firms

Knowing the risks and disadvantages of large brokerage firms is critical for those seeking truly independent and unbiased investment advice and financial planning.

Fee-Only Financial Advisor, Fee-Only Financial Planner, Fee-Only Investment Advisor

The Advantages of a Fee-Only Financial Advisor

We’ve all come to shudder, at least a little, when we hear the phrase, “stock broker”. It’s not unlike our reaction to hearing “used car salesman”. How did this come about?

Why RIAs make the Best Financial Advisors

The most independent, unbiased financial advisors are found at independent Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIAs) offering comprehensive financial planning.

When Do I Need a Financial Plan?

In today’s world, we all need a financial plan because we all have financial needs. The question becomes one of when do we need professional assistance?

How to Find a Financial Advisor?

There are around one million people in the U.S. alone referring to themselves as either a financial advisor or financial planner, and they vary greatly in qualifications and experience from one to the next. How do you find the one most suitable to you and your needs?

What is a 529 Plan?

529 plans are tax-advantaged savings plans created to encourage saving for the future cost of a college education. There are two basic types of 529 Plans.

What is a Coverdell ESA?

A Coverdell ESA (Education Savings Account) is a tax-advantaged savings account created to encourage saving for the future cost of a child’s education.

529 Savings Plan Versus Coverdell ESA

529 Savings plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are two of the most popular tax-advantageous way to save money for future education expenses.

The Best Retirement Savings Plans for the Self-Employed

There are a number of good retirement savings plans for the self-employed. Which is right for you? We’ll discuss the SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA and Solo 401(k), the best options on the market today.